The Products

Speak. Analyze. Balance.

SPEAK into the app. ANALYSE your voice’s stress signatures with BioAcoustic Voice Profiling, BALANCE for deep wellbeing with custom therapeutic sound and electromagnetic frequencies.

BioField Stress Relief Applications

From the palm of your hand.

Our Apps use BioAcoustic Voice Profiling technology to extract rich information from your voice. The results are then compared to databases of thousands of frequencies recorded by scientists (e.g. bacteria, viruses, organs, herbs, other food, vitamins, minerals etc) looking for deviations from the norm.

AI and Machine learning then deliver therapeutic sound and electromagnetic frequencies to balance any deviations. These are selected uniquely for you, giving you a truly unique and personalised wellness experience every single time.

Resonance Labs

Resonance Go
$75 USD

Resonance Labs

Resonance Home
$375 USD

Resonance Labs

Resonance Pro
$1250 USD

Biofield Amplifiers & Accessories

The power to change everything.

Enhance your resonance wellness experience, deepen the effect and amplify the results by adding some of our powerful hardware to your or your clients’ sessions.

Resonance Go (TM)

Quantum Straps
$375 USD

Resonance Home (TM)

NIR Band
$875 USD

Resonance Pro (TM)

iMatrix Test Plate
$625 USD

Resonance Pro (TM)

Tesla PEMF Coil
$7000 USD