Research Initiatives

By Resonance Labs

Resonance researches the use energetic biofield technologies in combination with artificial intelligence, deep learning and BioAcoustic Voice Profiling as a way to study these technologies when used together and determine their impact on human health and wellness.

Our Initiatives

Resonance Labs

To establish voice-driven wellness assessments and quantum biofeedback as easy-to-access preventative health technologies that stand to empower lives and communities around the world.

Our international study group continues to grow quickly and organically thanks to our enthusiastic distributor network.

It promotes the use of our technologies which allows us to continuously scale our data mining and research efforts.

Enabling us to anonymously collect more data, study more data and compile more evidence for institutional review and consideration.

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Health Care

Our comparative research also includes the work of various pioneers in quantum theory and thermodynamics within the field of health and wellness. These include:

Albert Einstein

Nikola Tesla

Dr. Hulda Clarke

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Walter Schmidt

Itzhak Bentov

Dmitri Mendeleev

Fritz-Albert Pops

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Dr. Tomatis

Dr. Twemlow

Robert Becker

Further to compelling studies made by our most respected government agencies and scientists, below is a list of recent studies published in the field of health care by doctors, researchers and thought leaders around the world.