Medical Studies

Compelling studies

Our comparative research also includes the work of various pioneers in quantum theory and thermodynamics within the field of health and wellness.

Further to compelling studies made by our most respected government agencies and scientists, below is a list of recent studies published in the field of health care by doctors, researchers and thought leaders around the world.

Educational Resources

Knowledge is power.

Considered by many as the conscious, positive and highly educational alternative to many of the world's largest streaming services, Gaia Network contains an abundance of scientifically-supported and now-declassified content that speaks even further to our technologies and the new world we are stepping into.

This compelling resource can help you and your family understand the simplicity behind the quantum world and how our innovations can positively impact the wellbeing of everyone at home and beyond!

Gateway Process

Quantum & Thermodynamics

Brief Description: The quantum theory is just now beginning to cross over into mainstream medicine and general knowledge. However, it has been validated decades ago.

Supporting Medical Studies

Voice Analysis

BioAcoustic Feedback

Brief Description: There are 12 keynote frequencies in the body corresponding to the 12 notes in the chromatic musical scale, each revealing imbalances in the body’s energy field.

Supporting Medical Studies

Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT)

Bio & Unified Field Feedback

Brief Description: BRT and these energetic biofeedback applications are at the core of a new paradigm shift in health care. We call it “medical futurism”.

Supporting Medical Studies

Electromagnetic & Light Therapy

PEMF & Near Infrared Light

Brief Description: PEMF, Near Infrared Light and similar technologies have been scientifically proven to help improve your health, especially during intense medical recoveries.

Supporting Medical Studies

Quantum Computing Assistance

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Brief Description: More precision, more efficiency and less pressure on overworked health care professionals. It’s not a doctor in your pocket anymore, it’s the entire facility.

Supporting Medical Studies