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What is Resonance?
You guys seem cool, how do I get involved?
Can I get the products without joining your network?
Is Bio-Resonance safe?
Do I need to purchase additional equipment to begin use?
Is Resonance safe for children?
Can I share Resonance with my friends and family?
How can I educate myself more on bio/quantum medicines?
What does Resonance cost?
Do my devices need to be SMART?
When is best to use Resonance?
How are frequencies being transmitted?
Do you feel anything strange during transmissions?
What is the experience like in general?
Is Resonance always using sound?
Are my earbuds good enough?
Can I play Resonance through speakers?
Does Resonance require Wifi or Internet?
What is BioAcoustic Voice Profiling?
What are Resonance Libraries?
How can I listen to Resonance Libraries?
Can I use Resonance in the car?
Do you make medical claims?
Is Resonance covered under my health care?
Why can’t I find your apps on the App Store?
Do I need to pay taxes on Resonance earnings?
Can a Resonance PRO Practitioner work with children or pets?
Can a Resonance PRO Practitioner do a “long distance” session?
How long should a Resonance HOME treatment be?
Do I need to worry about the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation from your mobile app or hardware accessories?
Do I need to pay taxes on income I make with Resonance?