An Exciting New Evolution in BioResonance Wellness.

Combining the power of BioAcoustic Voice Profiling(TM), Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning to Identify stress in the human biofield, Resonance Innovative Mobile Apps deliver personalised therapeutic frequencies that Stimulate a deep sense of well-being.

BioField Stress Relief Applications

Using Resonance balancing apps daily helps you to overcome day to day stresses and enjoy a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

Biofield Amplifiers and Accessories

Benefit from true healthy energy patterns, reduce the effects of disease causing pathogens and be in tune with body’s natural healing.

Business Opportunity

Benefit from valuable tools and training. Receive everything you need to start your own bio-resonance wellness business today.

Try our flagship Resonance
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The Products

For a deep sense of personal well-being.

Resonance is here to help restore your body back to its natural vibration. Resonance Mobile Apps target stresses and vibrational imbalances caused by pressures of modern day living. Now you have the power to naturally balance your body and mind with therapeutic tones for your daily wellbeing and stress relief.

Stimulate your own body’s natural healing mechanisms and add balance to your lives.

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The Opportunity

Make your Dreams into Reality.

Immerse yourself in the resonance ecosystem and discover a whole new opportunity awaiting. Whether your ambition is as an independent distributor of our apps and accessories, a bio-resonance practitioner offering state-of-the-art balancing treatments to your clients or even as the owner of your very own resonance wellness centre, our turnkey business packages let you customise and build your own path to successes.

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Try our flagship Resonance
Home app for 7 days
free of charge.

Research & Technology

Innovations for the Future.

Resonance apps, equipment and unique frequency libraries are unlike anything seen before.

Accomplished by blending our patented BioAcoustic Voice Profiling with revolutionary technologies like artificial intelligence, deep learning, pulsed lightwaves, electro- magnetics, and quantum biofeedback. Want to know more?

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