Resonance PRO

Build your very own wellness practice and immerse yourself in unlimited potential.

BioField Stress Relief Applications


Resonance PRO : Mobile Application

Study. Work. Balance.

The Resonance PRO package provides everything you need to start your very own bio-resonance practice. Immerse yourself in an unlimited world of knowledge and application. Harness the full power of BioAcoustic Voice Profiling to give your clients deep, granular bio-frequency analysis.

Deliver targeted and effective Biofield stress relief and share resonance health and wellbeing with your community.


$1250 USD

  + $65 USD / mo.

Instant Pay: (10%)

$125 USD


  • Driven by BioAcoustic Voice Profiling (TM)

  • Client / Practitioner portal

  • Over 13,000 bio-feedback markers

  • Audio, Electromagnetic, Infrared and PEMF waves

  • Works offline (no internet req.)

  • Capped at 1000 CV / sale


  • Available only to Resonance Practitioners who complete the certified practitioner training.

  • Application will become available once training is complete. Grow your PRO Level IBO business in the meantime!


  • 1000