PRO Business Package

Everything you need to start your very own bio-resonance practice. Immerse yourself in an unlimited world of knowledge and application. Harness the full power of BioAcoustic Voice Profiling to give your clients deep, granular bio-frequency analysis. Deliver targeted and effective Biofield stress relief and share resonance health and wellbeing with your community.

Resonance Network

PRO Business Package

Leadership. Wellness. Fulfillment.

Start your very own bio-resonance practice, build your own client base and share bio-resonance wellness with the community. Access our full product range, tools, trainings and receive maximum earning potential. Join the Resonance movement today!


$1250 USD

  + $65 USD / mo.  


  • Resonance Pro (TM) distributor license

  • Resonance Backoffice business portal

  • Resonance Pro (TM) app (unlock upon certification training)

  • Resonance Home (TM) app

  • Resonance Go (TM) client app

  • Leadership training & advanced practitioner certification training

  • Pro / Full level commissions: 1000 CV max per sale


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